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Chiminea BBQ/Pizza Oven Attachment...
BBQ & Pizza Oven Attachment for Chimineas

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Check out the Chiminea BBQ Pizza Oven Attachment !!!  It  simply slots onto the top of the chimney .   The flavour is fantastic and it rivals all other BBQs & because you're cooking away from the direct flame, just using the heat with no direct flame touching your meat the food stays tender and juicy with a wonderful wood fired taste!


Aussie Heatwave Cast Iron Chimineas - Wood fired Patio Heaters

When you're ready for the best !!


Aussie Heatwave Classic/Plain Cast Iron Chiminea In Setting
Aussie Heatwave Classic/Plain Cast Iron Chiminea In Setting
Grape Vine Design Cast Iron Chiminea
Grape Vine Design Cast Iron Chiminea.

Grape Vine Design

Buy Grape Vine Design Chiminea Online now!

Classic/Plain Design Cast Iron Aussie Heatwave Chiminea.
Classic/Plain Design Cast Iron Aussie Heatwave Chiminea.

Classic/Plain Design

Buy Classic Style Chiminea Online now!

  • Aussie Made
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Premium Quality Cast Iron - 15mm + thick
  • One Piece Construction
  • No joins, No vents, Grates or Bolts
  • Is Safe on Timber Decks
  • Optional BBQ & Pizza Oven Attachment

The Cast Iron Aussie Heatwave Chimineas are available in one size, two styles, CLASSIC & GRAPE Vine design.

They both stand approx. 1.25m high & weigh 100kg. The Cast Iron Aussie Heatwave Chiminea is a single piece heavy casting made from PURE cast iron (NOT BULKED UP WITH SAND AS IS THE ASIAN PRACTICE), have no moving parts, air vents or grates and are virtually indestructible.

Optional Cooking Accessories include a BBQ / Pizza Oven attachment that easily slots on top of the chimney.


The Aussie Heatwave* is an Australian made, virtually indestructible cast iron outdoor fireplace and is the ideal outdoor heater or patio heater, extending the use of your outdoor living area. It's a one piece casting and has no moving parts, bolts or grates resulting in a hotter, cleaner & more efficient burn. It's also the only Chiminea that is safe to use on timber decks as the base and legs stay cool and they don't spit or spark.

To add to it's versatility there is an Optional BBQ & Pizza Oven attachment which go on top of the chimney of the fireplace/heater to easily convert it into a wood fired barbecue & wood fired pizza oven. The Aussie Heatwave takes all the benefits of the traditional Mexican chiminea to make an even better chiminea. For a start it is virtually indestructible, made from cast iron it is cast in a unique way, in one solid piece, there are no moving parts, no air vents are required, no grates either, due to its clever design it draws perfectly giving a very efficient clean burn and as such has very little smoke and minimal ash. You will only need to clean out the ash approx every 3-5 yrs. All the ash burns away to nothing on the bed of sand leaving no mess and no hassle, no maintenance!  Ideal as an outdoor fireplaces/patio heater.

The Aussie Heatwave is totally Pyromaniac Proof, adolescent kids & party proof and completely worry free. The cast iron Aussie Heatwave outdoor heaters come with a 20 year guarantee but they will last a lifetime and beyond. They come in a natural catalytic rust finish which is created by a special process that will look better and better with use and age - no maintenance or painting required!. They won't continue to rust, the surface naturally gets a protective coating and they will turn a dark brownish colour/ patina similar to that of an old cast iron canon or a bollard at a pier that ships tie up to. Released in 2000 the Australian Made Aussie Heatwave is a cast iron Chiminea that is much hotter than clay chimineas, won't crack or break and comes with a twenty year guarantee but  will last for generations!

Cast Iron Chiminea - Outdoor Heater
Cast Iron Chiminea - Outdoor Heater.
Cast Iron Chiminea - Wood Fired Outdoor Heater/Fireplace
Cast Iron Chiminea - Wood Fired Outdoor Heater/Fireplace.

Aussie Heatwave* Chimineas can be collected direct from us in Oakleigh Victoria or we can arrange delivery anywhere in Australia.

We Offer a 14 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
for all interstate customers and those who can't come to the showroom in Melbourne to view the products before purchasing.


Order an Aussie Heatwave* Today!

*Patent pending

Watch Chiminea YouTube Videos

We have two excellent videos showing the Cast Iron Chiminea in action. Simply click on the title link to view them and they will appear below.

VIDEO 1: Cast Iron Aussie Heatwave Chiminea at Northern Rivers NSW

This video shows a delighted client from the Northern Rivers region in NSW and the modification for shutting down his chiminea (Classic Style).

VIDEO 2: Aussie Heatwave Chiminea on Bourke's Backyard

This video shows the use of the Aussie Heatwave Chiminea (Grape Vine Design) as a barbecueing alternative. It was recorded on Bourke's Backyard.


Height on Stand 1200 mm (50 inch)
Height off stand 1000 mm (40 inch)
Width inc Lift Rings 630 mm (25 inch)
Depth widest point 530 mm (21 Inch)
Weight 100kg excluding stand & lid. (220lbs)
Finish/Colour Catalytic finish

Chiminea Accessories - Various accessories are avaiable including rain lids, fire pokers ,wood storage racks , roller decks, heavy duty updrade stands  & BBQ Pizza Ovens attachments


Rain Lid, Fire Poker and Heavy Duty Upgrade Stand
Rain Lid, Fire Poker and Heavy Duty Upgrade Stand.
Tuscan Wood Rack
Tuscan Wood Rack.
Wood Rack with BBQ on top
Wood Rack with BBQ on top.
Rain Lid, Fire Poker &
Heavy Duty Upgrade Stand
Tuscan Wood Rack $450ea

Wood Rack with BBQ

stored on top.


Chiminea Roller Deck - $200 - These are an optional accessory designed to enable you to move your chiminea with ease .  The Wheels are concealed to create the illusion of a floating platform which glides effortlessly making it easy to move your chiminea over paving , decking or any other relatively even, hard surface.  The Roller deck can be retro-fitted to your existing stand but it's best suited to the 3 leg Heavy Duty Stand .


Roller Deck and Heavy Duty Stand
Roller Deck and Heavy Duty Stand.
Grape Aussie Heatwave On Roller Deck
Grape Aussie Heatwave On Roller Deck.
Classic Aussie Heatwave with Pizza Oven Attachment
Classic Aussie Heatwave with Pizza Oven Attachment.

Roller Deck $200 

&  Heavy Duty Stand $50

Grape Aussie Heatwave

On Roller Deck

Classic Aussie Heatwave

with Pizza Oven Attachment

Pizza Oven and BBQ Attachments

BBQ and Pizza Oven/Roasting Hood Attachment for your Chiminea.
BBQ and Pizza Oven/Roasting Hood Attachment for your Chiminea.

You can have your own wood fired pizza oven / bbq & a patio heater by simply adding our optional cooking attachments.

It's easy, to convert  your cast iron Aussie Heatwave chiminea into a wood fired pizza oven / BBQ by simply placing the BBQ & Pizza Oven attachment on top of the chimney. It slots into the top of the chimney & uses the heat from the fire to create wonderful wood fired Pizzas, BBQs, Roasts, Bread and more. Cook anything you would cook on a regular BBQ or in your oven at home but with way better results.

BBQ & Roasting Hood Attachement. Click for a larger view.
Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace with BBQ & Roasting Hood Attachments
Don Burke & Andrew Fenton cooking on the chiminea BBQ at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Our BBQ & Pizza oven cooking attachments rival any Italian wood fired pizza oven. It does the same job but way easier to use, portable and a fraction of the price.

You can cook regular BBQ food on the base grill or with the hood on, cook Roasts, Pizza's, Bread, etc.

Your imagination is your only limit.

Cook anything that you can cook on a regular BBQ or Oven, only better and with a fabulous wood fired flavour. 

Even the most discerning foodies, "BBQ-Ologists" & Pizza lovers will be impressed!

Click for a larger view - Wood Fired BBQ
Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace BBQ Grill Attachment
Click for a larger view - Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Cooking Woodfired Pizza
Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Cooking Woodfired Pizza


BBQ, Pizza Oven attachment is $250 for the pair.

(base grill & hood)

Pizza stone in photo is an optional extra,  $20

The BBQ/Pizza Oven is only suitable for use with the Aussie Heatwave Cast Iron Chiminea

The Aussie Heatwave Cast Iron Chiminea on Bourke's Backyard

See Don Burke with Andrew Fenton and a Chiminea in action at The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show featured on Bourke's Backyard. The video shows the virtually smokeless cast iron Chiminea, The Aussie Heatwave, with the optional BBQ grill attachment.



we bought one of your chimineas at the Flower Show last week and it was delivered yesterday. We fired it up for the first time last night and it was INCREDIBLE! We bought the value pack, and cooked pizza and berkshire pork sausages for us and the neighbours in the pizza oven. The food was fantastic, better than our very good italian pizza delivery on our first go! No more delivery for us! Only issue we have is that our back veranda is going to be the neighbourhood hub now with everyone sitting around our chiminea, drinking red and eating pizza. Thanks so much, it's everything you said it would be and MORE!   Thx Louise Scanlan  4/2014


Hi Liz and Andrew,

Just a quick note to let you know Caledonian Transport were terrific, and our chiminea is up and running. Despite the rain and mist, we decided to stoke it up the Friday night it arrived, and cannot believe how much we love it!
It burned away merrily for hours while we sat around it with wine and nibbles. Just couldn't bring ourselves to go indoors. No spitting, no guzzling wood, just steady, beautiful heat - so tranquil and relaxing on a Friday night. If everyone owned one of these there would be no such thing as high blood pressure! Aesthetically very appealing and so practical, I think it is going to get an awful lot of use. Thanks for such a great product. Love, love, love it!

Kind regards,
Lisa and Bill Raymant - VIC


 Steve Webber - Canberra

Hello,Last Sunday I bought one of your Aussie Heatwave chimineas after finding you on the web. I didn’t really know what I was looking at, I just wanted something warm and fun for Canberra winter evenings outside. So I just took the risk and it sure has paid off. The Aussie heatwave is a beautiful looking fireplace and once the coals have settled it really cranks out the heat. I couldn’t resist firing it up the night it arrived. My thermometer read 2 degrees outside and it was raining. One meter away from the chiminea the thermometer read 9 degrees. With a jumper on and an umbrella we had a fun time sitting around eating our soup for dinner. We are going to get a lot of use out of our chiminea, we love it!
Thanks heaps,Steve Webber

Manny Schembri, Lancefield, VIC


Hi Liz, Got the BBQ, Thank you so much!!
The BBQ worked fantastic!! It has been raining here, but we were so excited to try it before the weekend. We cooked some gourmet sausages, and it cooks so quick!!
We started with come Continetial and Mexican Sausages first, then 3 fabalous Pizzas, being a plain with olives, a Mexican, and the last one a my Super Special Mexican!! Food tasted fantastic!
I am using Redgum Firewood, which is not what you prefer, but me being The Wood Bloke and it is what I sell. You are right in saying it is a slow burner as I had to make sure the sizes were smaller than normal, and the wood had to be very, very dry.
Kind Regards, Manny Schembri


Stephen Perez, Middle Park, VIC

Congratulations on such an Awesome Product! I saw you at the Melbourne Garden Show cooking Pizza's and roast lamb and I was so impressed I decided to buy one. I had clay chiminea a few years ago that fell apart and I was really impressed with your new Aussie Cast Iron one. It's way better than the old clay and the BBQ is awesome!

Hugh Fisher, Waterview Heights, NSW
Dear Andrew and staff, My cast iron chiminea was delivered after Xmas, and I'm thoroughly stoked! So far, I've cooked steak twice and roasted a large chicken. Plenty of wood here, so the gas BBQ is now obsolete. After cooking and eating, everyone sits around the fire talking whilst enjoying the spectacle. This is in a sub tropical zone, so we're not doing it to keep warm. You can't do any of this with gas.
Thank you again for a great product delivered promptly. It's something that works as well as the advertising claims. I wish you a prosperous 2009, and may your company's fortunes go against the recessionary trend.
Best regards ................. Hugh Fisher

Derryn Hinch, Melbourne , VIC - Extract taken from Hungry Hinch from
This has to be one of the best heat and food cooking inventions ever made.

I bought one. Stuck it on the apartment balcony, fired it up, and loved it.

Melbourne's Andrew Fenton imported Chimineas from Mexico and started a good business. But then he thought laterally. If Mexican clay could make a good Chiminea then what if you made one from Aussie cast iron? In one piece? Imagine the heat? Imagine the longevity?


And that's what they did. And now I have bought one of them. They have a twenty year guarantee. For good reason. They are virtually indestructible.


And they€ve improved on the original Mexican version and made the Aussie cast iron one I now have which a has an optional BBQ attachment that sit on top of the chimney and a metal cover if you want to roast a smoked chicken. Which I now often do on Saturday nights. In fact I am roasting a marinated one as I write this.


The Chiminea throws amazing winter heat. And gives you a great smokey charcoal taste for pizzas and steaks and lamb chops -- and roast chickens basted in soy sauce and stock and hoisin and honey.
Burkes's Backyard - Website Link showing Thermal Imaging Camera test results showing Chimineas to be the most effective outdoor heater, both for heat and running costs. This test was independantly conducted on the clay prior to us having the cast iron so you need to keep in mind that the cast iron Aussie Heatwave will produce a lot more radiant heat .

Aron Coulter - Via Email Sept 2009
Hi Andrew and Liz

I turned 30 a couple of months ago, and instead of spending a heap of money on a big party, my wife and I decided to purchase one of your Aussie Heatwaves. I thought this would be something that we could use with friends and family, and something that would probably outlast me!

So far I have not been disappointed at all! When the heatwave was delivered, I was busting to fire it up straight away but I had to wait for the weather to dry up, and also someone to help me move it around the backyard! We ended up rolling it on an offroad skateboard as there was no way we were carrying it that far!

We've been using it constantly since getting it in the right spot, and I can tell you that the family loves it. We've cooked sausages, steaks, pizzas, chicken, baked potatoes and bananas with chocolate and they have all been fantastic. We had chicken on it a couple of nights ago, and I was amazed at how the chicken cooked without drying out at all. You have to manage the fire to get the right heat and not frazzle everything, but once you do it's fantastic.

It's just gone spring in Ballarat and we are getting some milder evenings, but even in winter it's enough heat to sit outside on a cold night, and it's a great social event. The kids absolutely love going out to light the chiminea and want to use it nearly every night. I have it sitting outside our back window, and so last Saturday I sat outside with the heatwave fired up, watching the mighty magpies beat Adelaide through the window, it doesn't get any better.

Anyway I'm rambling on a bit, but I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the heatwave and if people want a chiminea I'd thoroughly recommend to get this one!



Barb & David Brownlow, Paynesville, VIC

We had to write and tell you how great our Aussie Heatwave is . I've enclosed a photo of it sitting on our decking looking fabulous. We entertain a lot at home and it's been fantastic. My husband's been cooking up a storm on the BBQ and the food cooked on it so tasty.!

Rob McQuade, Paddington, NSW

Dear Andrew & Liz, Just wanted to write to say how much we are enjoying the Chiminea we purchased from you recently.

We have it pride of place in our garden in Canberra and it's been terrific, perfect for our climate.

We have used it at least once a week and it looks great in our garden - really lovely on those autumn afternoons and evenings. Everyone who visits us loves it - particularly when we cook on it. Pizzas, roasts, seafood and BBQ's, a great way to get out of the kitchen!

Delivery went without a hitch, so thanks so much for organising that for us, excellent service all round.

All the best, Rob McQuade




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