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Bio Ethanol Fireplaces - Bio Ethanol Heaters

Bio-ethanol fires are fueled by methylated spirits and are standalone portable fireplaces that add a burst of warmth and ambiance and can easily be moved from room to room. These ethanol heaters, ethanol burners or ethanol fireplaces can thus be used inside or outside.

All of our bio ethanol fireplaces and bio ethanol heaters are fuelled by eco-friendly denatured ethanol, a renewable, clean-burning liquid fuel derived from agricultural and forestry products. And thus, unlike burning wood, the ethanol fireplace doesn’t omit any dangerous fumes when burning.

An ethanol fireplace is a quite simple construction, and because of they use denatured ethanol as fuel there is no need for a chimney or flue. Since it doesn’t need a chimney, it’s a mobile fireplace or heater. Having a mobile fireplace means that if you move you can take it with you, if you change the decor you can move the fireplace and you can take it out on the patio!

Avani Chrome Portable Table top Fireplace

410mm x 180mm x 94mm (7.1kg) Price $399

Avani White Portable Table top Fireplace

410mm x 180mm x 94mm (7.1kg) Price $399

Avani Chrome Portable Table top Bio Ethanol Fireplace.
Avani Chrome Portable Table top Fireplace.
Avani White Portable Table top bio Ethanol Fireplace
Avani White Portable Table top Fireplace.


BluBox  - Max Freestanding Blu Box Bio Ethanol Fireplace  featured below - Available in White or Black Polyurethane with 2.5 litre Zip Burner Dimensions: H 862mm x W 862mm x D 449mm   Price: $2,395 Sale Price $1,990


BluBox - Max Freestanding Blu Box Bio Ethanol Fireplaces or Ethanol Heaters 

Blu Box Max Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace | Blubox Ethanol Heaters
Blu Box MAX Ethanol Fireplace
BluBox Bio Ethanol Fireplaces | BluBox Bio Ethanol Heaters
Blu Box MAX Ethanol Fireplace

A warm + efficient eco-friendly flame

A bio ethanol fireplace runs on denatured ethanol (also known as methylated spirits) a renewable, clean- burning liquid fuel derived from agricultural and forestry products so you get a warm & efficient eco-friendly flame in your bio ethanol heater or bio ethanol fireplace (or bioethanol heater or bioethanol fireplace).

Chimney free, place it where you want

These bio ethanol fires are freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces that don’t require a chimney, so your interior design is no longer bound by the confines of your home’s exterior design. With these bioethanol heaters or bioethanol fireplaces you can now have a beautiful open fireplace in almost any room of your home.

No utility connections required

Bio ethanol fireplaces run on eco friendly liquid fuel (denatured ethanol) which means no more messy gas or electrical connections cluttering your home. If you run out fuel, just open the stainless steel lid on your bio ethanol heater, bio ethanol burner or bio ethanol fire place and refill.

Easy to use, clean & maintain

Why not come and see our range of bio ethanol heaters, bio ethanol fireplaces (or bioethanol heaters, bioethanol fireplaces) and ecosmart fire places at out Melbourne warehouse. OPEN MON & TUES 10am-3pm , WED - SAT 10am -5pm & SUN 11am - 3pm




    PH: 1800 331336


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